Love Coffin Reissue Announcement 02/14/24

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🌬️After Eric Douglas Alexander received a grim diagnosis of brain cancer, the folks at Postal Recording, as well as the greater Indiana Music community, decided to help them produce what we all believed would be Eric’s swan song— Sir Deja Doog’s Love Coffin. The old Post Office on the West Side of Indianapolis had only recently been purchased. Unlike the perfect vintage interior of the studio we know today, the decrepit building was in need of renovation. The session actually included breaks to install windows and floors. In the bitter cold of February, with heavy humor, terrible irony,  and a “party like we’re dying tomorrow” mentality, the group of musicians and engineers banged out 19 tunes over 10 intense days of recording. It is now remembered as the first record produced at Postal Recording. 
Thanks to experimental surgeries, much fighting, and more than a little luck, Eric is still with us to celebrate this ten year anniversary. Pick up a copy of the reissue and hear the record performed in its entirety on April 13th at 6 PM at Postal Recording or pre-order a copy from this store.🧚‍♀️🧙🏽‍♀️

Best of 2023 Playlist

  We played 65 shows this year with so many amazing people. These 2023 releases are from our friends, family, and idols. We shared a lot of magic. Bethani and I will be denning in the mountains this winter. We hope to see you in the spring of 2024.