🌬️One day, while living in the mountains of Northern California, pig met a couple of wandering Christian mystics. Fae took the mystics in for the night, and the three of them swapped stories over a simple meal. The two Christians claimed to have hiked the entire Pacific Coast of the United States over a period of seven years. A simple pig was so intrigued, as fae faemself had spent the previous three years in solitude as a mode of spiritual retreat, that fae decided to take on this hike for faemself as a sort of pilgrimage. Furry Fae, a psychedelic folk fantasia, was composed during this hike.🧙🏾‍♂️

🌬️See a simple pig perform a psychedelic folk fantasia.🧙🏾‍♂️



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Pitchfork Best of 2014: A Very Shake Appeal Guest List

Sir Deja Doog [released their] debut LP Love Coffin October 31, 
A bona fide artifact of the Indiana freak scene. Sonny Blood’s blood brother created an outrageous record in the style of Vincent Price / Bobby "Boris" Pickett / Screaming Lord Sutch. It’s got plenty of camp and is rocking enough to make for a pretty wild ride.  Aces wild.-- Apache Dropout

Maximum Rocknroll 380 (2015 Jan)

SIR DEJA DOOG - “Sir Deja Doog’s Love Coffin” LP

Longing for a deviant, acid-garage send- up of “The Monster Mash”? Look no further than this LP. This Indiana creep’s dedication to the vibe here is downright insane. Doog vocally vamps over a wicked brew of psych, eerie garage, and jazz, resulting in something creepy, dangerously stoned and oddly inspiring. Features appearances from APACHE DROPOUT dudes. (MC) (Marching Sunn) 


New Arcade

The greatest power pop records seem like a secret, having long been a diggers dream for lonely souls looking for friends and lovers among the grooves. Should this become a sonic love letter that’s found at the bottom of the dollar bin bottle, then the finder is lucky indeed-- Andy French

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Recent Tours

06-17-23 Flagstaff Folk Festival

05-25-23 Taos, NM at The Old Montgomery with Robert Quijano & Ziona Riley

05-24-23 Taos, NM Bob Dylan tribute at Ennui Gallery

05-20-23 New Orleans, LA at Harold's Plants with Cookie Tongue and Becky Levi

05-18-23 Montgomery, AL at a Village Green Records Pop Up

05-17-23 Nashville, TN at Random Sample with Eli Cherry, Noelle Goodin, and Christopher Murnane

05-15-23 Morgantown, WV at Gene's Beer Garden (solo three hour performance)

05-14-23 Philadelphia, PA at Birdbath with Y0va

05-13-23 Philadelphia, PA at Shrympfest--Frank Hurricane's birthday party

05-10-23 Providence, RI at Red Ink Library

05-07-23 Akron, OH at Club Moss with Rose Zinnia

05-06-23 Bloomington, IN at a Poets' Party

05-05-23 Muncie, IN at Be Here Now with Night Gangs, and Everything, Now!

05-04-23 Indianapolis, IN at Longshot with Christian Taylor, and Eli Cherry

05-01-23 Rapid City, SD at the Crystal Cave

04-30-23  Missoula, MT at Dana Gallery

04-25-23 Seattle, WA at Central Saloon with Tryout, and Dead Energy

04-24-23 Astoria, OR at Upstairs Oddities

04-23-23 Ashland, OR  at Elder Apothecary with Ghost Prairie & Balladir

04-21-23 Sacramento, CA at Two Rivers Cider

04-20-23  Fresno, CA at a house party.

04-16-23 Oakland, CA at Melo Melo with Forest Floor & Fieldress

04-12-23 Santa Cruz, CA House Party with Moon Messenger, Sin Nombre, and Potted Planets

03-24-23 Taos, NM at Psychedelic Punch Party at Benny’s House with Ben Guihan

03-25-23 Taos, NM on Fresh Wind WNCE 

03-20-23 Nashville, TN at Ziona’s House 

03-19-23 Knoxville, TN at The Pilot Light with Ziona Riley, Joseph Allred, and Crystal Shrine

03-18-23 Lexington, KY at Centered Holistic Health with Ziona Riley

03-17-23 Bloomington, IN at The Pink Poodle with Ziona Riley

03-16-23 Indianapolis, IN at State Street Pub with Geodize and Peter King

03-15-23 Bloomington, IN at The Orbit Room with Geodize and Lather

03-14-23 Muncie, IN at Graham’s House

03-12-23 Indianapolis, IN at Kate Sycamore Release Show

03-05-23 Salt Lake City, UT at The International

03-02-23 Salt Lake City, UT at The Bee Hive

02-27-23 Sacramento, CA at Luna’s Cafe

02-25-23 Portland, OR House Show

12/22-2/23 Portland, OR Monday nights at Psanctum Open Mic 

12/22-02/23 Portland, OR Wednesday nights at Turn, Turn, Turn open mics!

11-30-22 Vancouver, BC at The Heatley

11-29-22 Astoria, OR at House Party

11-28-22 Portland, OR at Turn, Turn, Turn with Ziona Riley, Lisa Fitzgerald, and West Bound City Train

11-27-22 Ashland, OR at The Living Room with Balladir and Ziona Riley

11-25-22 Vallejo, CA at Owl Woodworks with Nina Violet, Geoff Saba, and Ziona Riley

11-24-22 San Luis Obispo, CA with Bill Callahan

11-23-22 Santa Barbara, CA at Soul Bites with Ziona Riley

11-21-22 Los Angeles, CA House Party with Ziona Riley

11-20-22  San Diego, CA at the Che Cafe with Ziona Riley

11-18-22 Taos, NM at Plant Base Cafe 

11-17-22 Taos, NM at The Coffee Apothecary

11-16-22 Taos, NM at High Frequency Loft

11-14-22 Fresno, CA House show

11-12-22 Sacramento, CA at Luna’s Cafe

09-28-23 Vancouver, BC at Osita

06-28-22 Berkeley, CA with Neko Wortham, Cruel Work, and Water

06-25-22 Santa Barbara, CA

06-24-22 Oceanside, CA

06-23-22 San Diego CA at the Che Cafe

06-21-22 Los Angeles, CA House Party

06-19-22 KALX Berkeley interview

06-18-22 Kansas City, MO 

06-15-22 Pittsburgh, PA New Moon Ceremony

06-11-22 New Orleans, LA at Neutral Ground 

06-10-22 New Orleans, LA at Carrolton Station

06-07-22 Philadelphia, PA at Legoland

06-05-22 Worcester, MA at Ralph's Diner

06-03-22 Providence, RI at Red Ink Library

06-02-22 NYC at the City Reliquary

06-01-22 NYC Loft Party

05-30-22 Nashville, TN with Ziona Riley and Belly Full of Stars

05-29-22 Louisville, KY This Podcast is a Ritual and show

05-28-22 Lafayette, IN at The Spot

05-27-22 Bloomington, IN at TD's record store staff party with Mythic Times

05-26-22 Indianapolis, IN at State Street Pub

05-21-22 Chicago, IL at Tri Triangle with Guy Zensie, and Mare

05-15-22 Ashland, OR at the Elder Apothecary

03-17-22 Los Angeles, CA at the Hotel Cafe

03-15-22 Taos, NM at Benny’s with Chloe Grace and Ben Guihan

03-07-22 Bloomington, IN among friends

03-03-22 Indianapolis, IN at Healer with Friend of a Friend, and Blue Rose

02-25-22 Los Angeles, CA House Party