A Conversation with Devin Person

Here be monsters

EP 062

Here is a creative retelling of my alien abduction experience from the Here Be Monsters podcast.

A review of Sir Deja Doog's Love Coffin by Doug Mosurock

    Southern Indiana artists continue a ceaseless and note-perfect recreation of every greasy corner of ‘50s and ‘60s rock & roll as Sir Deja Doog, a man seemingly possessed by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and the like pounds out a 19-song set of TV horror host/Purple Knif monster munch. Augmented with samples, sax, strings, church organ, chain reverb, chains just, and all the attitude necessary to bring such a creation alive, Mr. Doog slinks and creeps all over the mausoleum, edging up on his potential brides with a Dark Shadows ring and a glass of something dark red, or maybe bright green. Even through these put-ons, there is a winning tendency to move away from the expectations of a Crampsy/Ghoulardi-esque influence, as evidenced on “She Came To Wake The Dead,” displaying all the fragility and stirring emotional endurance of a Peter Jefferies ballad. Halloween is a long way off, and if you’re not into the haunted house aesthetic, there may not be much for you here, but Sir Deja Doog detonated all of my expectations on what I thought a record like this could be. There’s a lot more to this record than a guy donning a persona, even though for it to be as effective as possible in the context where Doog is working, the persona has to win out. Through a measured, authentic, and sincere approach, he gets to have it both ways.

Spatially Severed

by Everything, Now!

It’s been a long journey for Everything, Now!, the Bowie/T-Rex/Zombies-tinged rock ’n’ roll outfit born in Muncie that moved to Indianapolis. Lineup changes, bad luck and a generally lackadaisical attitude towards promotion have all contributed to the band’s obscurity outside of Central Indiana....